Introduction: What is a masonry structure: Masonry is made of separate materials such as brick, stone or concrete held together with mortar. Due to their durability and solidity, they have been the basis of architecture for centuries. The arrangement of these units will be different, including methods such as racetrack or Flanders convention. Often found [&h

Simple Village House Design: The simple village house design represents the charm and simplicity of country life. These buildings are constructed primarily using local materials and are designed to withstand harsh external conditions. This blog will detail the main points of building a simple village house. Research and Inspiration: Start by researching nati

Introduction: 5 Marla House Map Bahria Town: Welcome to the world of Bahria Town, where luxury living meets unparalleled comfort. Creating a 5-Marla House Map in this prestigious community requires attention to detail and attention to beauty. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down every aspect of the design process to ensure every square foot [&hell

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Introduction:  10 Marla House Design in DHA Lahore: Building a house is a personal, unique endeavor. More when it comes to building your dream home from the famous Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore. The 10 Marla home offers plenty of space for comfortable living while allowing for creativity and personalization. On average, a 10-Marla plot […]

Introduction: 5 Marla House Plan in DHA Lahore: Find the best functionality and style with a 5- 5-Marla double-story house plan in DHA Lahore. The plan is designed to maximize space and provide comfortable and spacious living. The residential areas exude warmth and charm at every corner while enjoying the convenience of city living in […]

5 Marla House Design in DHA Lahore: Careful planning and good thinking are essential when building your dream house in a prestigious area like Lahore Defense Housing Authority (DHA). 5 Marla houses in DHA, Lahore, offer the perfect combination of location and luxury, making them an ideal choice for many homeowners. In this blog, we […]