1 kanal House Map 3D in Pakistan


1 kanal House Map 3D in Pakistan: 1 Kanal residence in Pakistan’s beautiful real estate is the epitome of spacious living. This blog aims to present the 1 Kanal building in detail through a 3D map, revealing the architectural nuances and internal layout that define modern residential buildings in Pakistan.

Check out 1 Channel House Dimensions:

1 Kanal houses in Pakistan generally cover an area of approximately 500 square meters or 20 marlas, providing a broad canvas for architectural creativity. It offers a spacious location, large living spaces, lush gardens and modern amenities.

Exterior design and landscaping:

1 kanal House Map 3D in Pakistan

The exterior of the kanal house is often combined with modern and traditional elements. Its exterior is carefully designed with different details, large windows and sometimes balconies overlooking the front garden [1 kanal House Map 3D in Pakistan]. The driveway leads to the balcony or garage, providing comfort and shelter from the property. Surrounding the house is a beautiful garden with beautiful trees, complemented by a path, seating area and perhaps a pergola or pool, creating a quiet place to relax outdoors.

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Simple Plan Overview:

1 Kanal building 3D floor plans are ideas designed to increase space and efficiency. At the entrance, guests are greeted by an ample space leading to interconnected living spaces, bedrooms and service areas. Let’s examine each part of this carefully chosen layout.

Entrance and Foyer:

The entrance is designed to create a tall feel, often with large doors and light beads. Inside, the foyer serves as a dressing area adorned with elegant accents, sometimes a showy console table, and eye-catching ceiling light fixtures.

Living and Dining spaces:

The living room is spacious and inviting, with comfortable sofas, armchairs and coffee tables arranged around a focal point such as a fireplace or media wall. Large windows provide more natural light and emphasize the airy atmosphere. Adjacent to the living room is the dining room, where there is a stylish dining table and chairs, and the walls are decorated with paintings or beautiful mirrors.

Kitchen and features:

1 kanal House Map 3D in Pakistan

The kitchen of the one-kanal home is a chef’s dream, with state-of-the-art appliances, ample storage and a central island for preparing meals and dinner. The design is functional and beautiful, with stylish cabinetry, modern appliances and functional lighting that enhance the cooking experience.

Bedroom Configuration:

The main suite is a beautiful space with a large bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom. The bedroom is tastefully decorated with a king-size bed, bedside tables and a comfortable seating area. The en suite bathroom features quality fittings, a soaking tub and a separate shower. Additional bedrooms are spacious and well-designed for the comfort of families and guests.

Bathroom Layout and Facilities:

1 kanal House Map 3D in Pakistan

The bathrooms in the 1 Kanal house highlight elegance and functionality [1 kanal House Map 3D in Pakistan]. All bathrooms feature high-quality fixtures, stylish fixtures and floor tiles. Some bathrooms may have features like rain showers, built-in appliances, or even a jacuzzi for added luxury.

Home office or study area:

A feature of the Kanal apartments is the home office or study area, providing a quiet environment for work or entertainment. The office is designed to create a productivity-enhancing environment with ergonomic furniture, large consultation desks and good lighting.

Entertainment zone:

Entertainment spaces are seamlessly integrated into the plan of the 1 Kanal building. A home theatre can have surround sound and comfortable seating. The game room provides a relaxing space with amenities such as a pool table, arcade or arcade games. These areas are suitable for family gatherings and relationships.

Outdoor Living and Recreation:

The outdoor area of a house is an extension of the indoor area. The backyard will include a landscaped garden, a seating area with a pergola and a pool for relaxation and outdoor entertaining. The design emphasizes privacy and tranquillity, creating an oasis in the bustling city.
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Modern kanal homes in Pakistan often include energy-saving, Incorporating elements like solar panels and LED lighting, among others insulated windows, to reduce environmental impact and reduce electricity costs. Sustainable products and architecture are also used to promote environmentally friendly living.

Lifestyle Amenities:

1 Kanal House offers a beautiful and comfortable lifestyle as well as architectural and design elements. Residents can benefit from facilities such as a gym, sauna or spa in their homes. The home creates a healthy and relaxing environment by catering to a variety of interests and hobbies.

Smart Home Integration:

The essence of modern life is smart home technology. Smart home integration makes everything from lighting and climate control to security and entertainment easy and efficient. Residents can control every aspect of their homes using smartphones or voice commands, creating a connected environment of the future.

Architectural style and design influences 1 Kanal buildings in Pakistan generally show a mix of modern and traditional architectural styles [1 kanal House Map 3D in Pakistan]. The influence of Mughal, colonial or modernist design can be seen in elements such as arches, decorative structures and cladding. The use of local materials such as brick, stone and wood adds a regional flavour to the overall look. While it reflects Pakistan’s traditional heritage, it also incorporates modern trends.


All in all, a house in 1 Kanal, Pakistan, embodies luxury and sophistication with a well-crafted 3D map that optimizes space and functionality. From the exterior to the thoughtful interior design, every element of this beautiful architecture represents the best of modern living [1 kanal House Map 3D in Pakistan]. The 3D map highlights the importance of modern architecture in Pakistan, providing insight into the connection between beauty and performance.

Final Thought:

When you discover the uniqueness of the Kanal building through a 3D map, you will better understand the craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines Pakistani architecture. Whether
If you are looking for inspiration for your own home or enjoy the art of residential architecture, 1 Kanal Residence is the epitome of luxury living in Pakistan’s urban landscape.

This detailed blog provides an overview of 1 Kanal homes in Pakistan, from exterior design to interior layout and structural features, capturing the essence of modern homes in the country.

1 kanal House Map 3D in Pakistan – FAQs

How to make the front of a house? 

The front elevation of a house usually shows the main entrance, front porch, and other design elements associated with the door of the house. For many buildings, the view of the facade often shows equipment in the garage and front of the house.

Which is best for front elevation? 

Glass brick, agate glass brick, sculptured marble glass brick and stone glass brick are the best choices for building facades.

What are the four elevations of the house? 

The four heights of the building are front, back, left and right. These facades provide a broad view of the building’s exterior from various angles, allowing designers and architects to clearly see the building’s dimensions, features and aesthetic appearance.

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