Creative Ways to Make Your Small Living Room Look Stylish

We all have that phase in life where our TV lounge does not seem modern to us. We visit our friends and families and realize their TV lounge is far better looking than ours, and the reason behind that is we haven’t updated in ages. Maybe it is time to fully renovate or make small changes within your living room. This decision is yours to make. We have come up with some tips and designs for your small modern TV room design ideas.  

Modern TV rooms require modern solutions. If you feel like your space is too tight for experimentation, you’ll be glad to know we have some tricks up our sleeves. Book a consultation now to bring those ideas to life.

Statement Pieces:

Instead of having a lot of dramatic statement pieces, be simple to fit in the modern look. A lot of those won’t only cramp your space but would also make your small living room way too small. If you really want, add a few of them and make them in different proportions to make them eye-catching.

Add a Mirror:

Small modern TV room design ideas

Mirrors are attention-grabbing, and their reflective surfaces make the area light. Free-standing mirrors are in trend nowadays; they take little space with their vertical position. If you have an area shortage, wall-mount them.

Place more than one vertical mirror in your living room to add symmetry and make the area appear longer. Mirrors, with their reflective properties, will enhance the light. Place them on your center table for a greater effect.

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Wallpapers and Prints:

Accomplish a modern look in your TV lounge by adding wallpapers and prints to your cushions and rugs. Feel confident in using this style within your small TV room. It is perfectly fine to use patterns [Small modern TV room design ideas]. They wouldn’t make the space feel cramped, but it would be appreciated if the pattern choice aligns harmonically with the rest of your design. You could do that by using the same colored patterns around your TV lounge.

A Focal Point:

Small spaces must have focal points. You could make the TV wall your focal point by adding many details to it. A focal point would create a collected look within your living space. It gives the eye moment and symmetry to other furniture pieces.

Display photos in different-sized frames around your TV to grab attention, or place books within a bookshelf to make this wall the center of attention. Do not overwhelm by decorating another wall the same way unless you are a maximalist.

Play With Colors:

A variety of color combos and colorful patterns could bring life to any living room area. Add art pieces with colorful frames of royal blue, electric red, or vivid pink to add charm. Paint your walls in a relaxing but bright blue or green to make the place seem lively [Small modern TV room design ideas]. If the walls seem too much, paint them light and place the rest of the furniture in bright hues of the rainbow. Make it look like a vibrant oasis.

Add Texture With Layers:

What’s a relaxed living room if it lacks warmth and relaxation? Layers are a great way to add this feature. Choose soft plush fabrics for your furniture, throw pillows, cloud-like couches, and velvet curtains, all in earthy tones if possible.

Curves in tables and sofas are a new trend in home furnishings; make sure to bring them for a cozy feel and modernity, of course. 

Enhance Space Through Wood:

Small modern TV room design ideas

A tight space could be enhanced with light colors. Choose wood flooring in dull shades and monotonic woodwork. These make a cozy combination while giving a refreshing aura. White interiors are in trend, but they are also timeless [Small modern TV room design ideas]. You can expect them to look good in any era. You would find a lot of shades in them. We suggest going for creams and dull whites for a welcoming vibe instead of the bright, snowy white color.  

Two-toned Paint:

A two-toned wall paint is a modern style. It adds depth and visual interest to your small TV room. For a contemporary effect, use contrasting colors like navy blue and pink, mustard and dark grey, and black and white. Either paint one wall in one color or add both paints horizontally, also called color blocking.

If thoughtfully planned, two-toned paint can easily create a modern look and, depending on the color choices, enhance the space of your confined room.

How to Maximize Small Space?

Small spaces could be maximized in many ways. Choose white as the main color or some other light color, allowing a lot of natural light to flow in. Natural light makes the space feel airy and spacious, and it also improves mood.  It eliminates the feeling that you are in a close and tight space. It is mostly about the feel rather than the area itself.

Add a lot of lighting to your small space and more mirrors to increase its effect [Small modern TV room design ideas]. Add visually appealing items so you won’t need to add more. It is an efficient way to maximize your small space. If there is one unique piece that is catching a lot of eye and also if it is large, then you must not add more elements.

How to Make a Small Living Room Homely?

Add plants to bring in freshness and connect yourself to nature to feel at home. Open those curtains and windows to bring the focus to the outdoors. Add soft textures like a rug, bean bag, or floor cushion to give the ultimate homely feeling.

Funky paintings that everyone is going to talk about and wall prints with texts could also be conversation starters and give others a home-like feel [Small modern TV room design ideas]. Put your family photos on display or your hand-made sculptures on the center table, and add your favorite books to make it feel like home again.

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