Colleges for Architectural Design in Pakistan


Highland Properties and Construction Company specializes in building design for universities. Known for innovation and quality, they offer a variety of design solutions for schools. Their expertise includes traditional, modern, sustainable, urban, mixed-use, and technologically advanced designs. Highland’s commitment to quality and reliability ensures that every project satisfies the client’s requirements. They create an environment that fosters learning, community, and environmental stewardship. Schools nationwide trust Highland Construction, which sets the architectural education standard.

Overview and History:

The story tells the story of its leader, Sheikh Abdul Sattar, who was dedicated to excellence and visionary leadership. Their journey began with a vision to define architectural standards and create inspiring spaces.
With 15 years of experience, Highland Properties and Construction transforms desires into quality products, creating homes that represent the times and redefine the essence of property years ago.
Under the visionary guidance of Sheikh Abdul Sattar, the company grew from obscurity to a recognized name in the industry. Sheikh Abdul Sattar’s leadership has shaped our company’s culture and pushed us to explore new horizons in the real estate business and across sectors and fields.

Services Offered:

Highland Construction Company offers various architectural services designed to suit the University, including different designs and functions. His specialties include school design that highlights historic beauty, modern and sustainable solutions incorporating the latest technology, and urban design that maximizes performance in urban areas. They also focus on school design that supports community development, school technology with state-of-the-art infrastructure, and leadership models that influence the culture of the community.
By focusing on innovation, sustainability, and schools’ unique needs, Highland Construction ensures that each project improves the learning environment and supports the sustainability of social and environmental responsibility.

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Highland Construction Company is known for its diverse architectural design on campus. Their designs often include a combination of functionality, beauty, and durability that meet the specific needs of schools. Some of the critical aspects that university design specializes in are:

1. Traditional Campus Design:

Colleges for Architectural Design in Pakistan

This design includes traditional architecture, mostly brick houses, large green lawns, and courtyards. It conveys the beauty of history and understanding of heritage, creating an environment that fosters the best learning and culture.

2. Modern and Contemporary Design:

Modern design focuses on clean lines, open spaces, and glass, metal, and stone. This approach often includes high-tech equipment, durable materials, and energy-saving energy, creating a forward-thinking and innovative environment.

3. Sustainable and Green Design:

Colleges for Architectural Design in Pakistan

Sustainable campus design is essential in terms of being environmentally friendly. This includes renewable energy, green roofs, lighting, rainwater harvesting, and construction materials. The design was designed to reduce the university’s environmental footprint.

4. Urban Campus Design:

Urban Design was designed for a school located in the heart of the city. These designs expand limited space and often include high-rise buildings, mixed-use areas, and transportation solutions. They integrate the university into the fabric of the city, making it accessible and dynamic.

5. Campus Integration Design:

This approach proposes integrating education, geography, and recreation in a unified system. It fosters community by encouraging dialogue and collaboration among students, faculty, and staff.

6. Technologically Advanced Design:

These designs incorporate the latest technology to create intelligent schools. Features include advanced IT systems supporting educational technology, digital classrooms, automated building management, and advanced connectivity.

7. Cultural and Regional Design:

Cultural and regional design refers to local culture, climate, and tradition. By using materials and architectural styles appropriate to the local culture, schools create a unique experience and culture.

8. Recreational and Athletic Design:

This design provides various sports and recreational facilities, including gyms, stadiums, swimming pools, and other sports facilities that support physical fitness and offer a great college experience.

9. Flexible and Modular design:

Colleges for Architectural Design in Pakistan

This approach emphasizes flexibility and adaptability, allowing facilities to be quickly adjusted to suit shifting requirements. It is ideal for universities that expect growth or change in their programs and can provide long-term and efficient operations.

10. Arts and Humanities Focused Design:

These schools have exceptional facilities, such as studios, theaters, and galleries, designed with creative disciplines in mind. They provide a space that encourages creativity and artistic expression.

Collaborative Visioning Sessions:

Highland Architects emphasizes collaboration with clients throughout the school’s design process. From the first idea to the last details, Highlands worked closely with school administrators, faculty, students, and community stakeholders to ensure the plan met their needs and specific needs. The customer interprets and edits designs through collaborative visual communication, creating a sense of ownership and satisfaction. Additionally, Highland values transparent communication to keep clients updated and involved throughout the project. This partnership ensures that the final campus is functional and beautiful and reflects the school’s values and interests.


Highland Construction is at the forefront of school design, offering solutions combining functionality and innovation. Their commitment to sustainability and customer collaboration ensures that every project meets the highest standards. With its expertise in design and modernity, Highlands creates schools that support learning and community. Their passion for excellence and teamwork gives them the confidence to shape the future of the learning environment.


Q1. How many years does it take to study architecture in Pakistan?

Ans: The b-Arch five-year course, which consists of ten semesters, is designed to help each student achieve the highest level of personal development, allowing students to develop their work in projects that represent high architectural standards.

Q2. What is the career of architecture in Pakistan?

Ans: Include residential and commercial architects, landscape architects, urban planners, and interior designers, with a variety of opportunities available throughout the industry. The potential of architecture extends beyond the building and makes it valuable and useful.

Q3. How much does it cost to study architecture in Pakistan?

Ans: For Art, Design and Music 695,000/- Rs., Architecture and Cinema and TV 876,000/- excluding tuition fees.

Q4. What is the study of architecture called?

Ans: Bachelor of Architecture/Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Architecture You can earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), or Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) degree. The details of each are slightly different. Undergraduate studies may involve several independent academic courses, while Undergraduate studies may involve a variety of disciplines. A Bachelor of Architecture degree may be a longer course.

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