Construction: there’s more to it than what meets the eye

What is construction?

Construction is an art in itself. It is an act of building something from scratch. We could talk about both aspects of construction, tangible and intangible. But given our niche, we wish to stress on the relevant tangible concept of constructions.

One can talk about construction. Map out plans and also can have a particular vision to take it from there. It still requires a number of additional resources for a project that vast. By resources, we can easily relate to the importance of human resource.

It has got to be the one of the most important factor. The expertise, ideas and execution of such concepts is merely not a cup of tea.

It takes a responsible expert with experience to turn that idea into a full fledge reality.

Why does it hold so much significance?

It’s important because every ounce of blood and sweat goes into earning the money by an individual. At the end of the day, we all want to have a good life. A good place to call ours. We all want our standard of living improved. We all wish our kids to have a future that holds value.

So imagine having the sum of money that have taken you your whole life to earn. You would wish it to be spent on something meaningful. What more could you find meaningful than a roof over your head and a place to decorate as per to your liking.

It also provides opportunity for the communities to be built. It’s a chance to progress, collectively. It generates jobs and improves societies as a whole. Any productive contribution to the world need constructing. Read More

Factors to consider:


The first and foremost thing to consider is practicality of the project. The user-friendly constructed project would have more impact in comparison to just “beauty” based one. Ultimately, it is always the value that should be considered rather than what can be seen.
It all comes down to the purpose for which the construction is taking place. The idea and “why” behind that construction is everything. The meaningful impact is when the expectations are met with usability side by side.


The construction should be about sustainability. It should not leave your pockets dry. The mindful usage of resources should be kept in mind. No amount of money, water, human resource should go to waste in crafting an idea to the point where things get depleted.


It is one of the basic need for a human being to seek safety. One can have all the riches in the world and still if they feel the lack of security, it’s not worth it. No construction should cost anyone any harm be it mental, physical, emotional or otherwise. Safety along with the purpose of the construction should be kept in mind. This goes for both the project executor as well as for the team hired.


The project under construction should be easily available to meet the needs for every individual. It should be diversified, age-less and time-less. It should be easily available if the need is there for an individual to go.


The construction project must be flexible enough to cater to all the needs of the individual that could vary from human to human. Not every side fit all. Keep in mind the preferences and inclusion of special need people for a progressive society.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but sometimes it takes one look to form the idea, given the kind of construction hat has been done. A good construction project should include this aspect alongside the usage. What doesn’t appeal the eye, doesn’t appeal the heart at times. The construction project should reflect the ultimate goal and must also hold the aspect of one’s personality in it.

Types of construction:

There are several types of constructions. The more the world progress, the more civilization evolve. With this comes the responsibility of keeping up with the modernization. Though the historically constructed structure are one of a kind that are hard to surpass. Still, modern world requires modern construction.
In olden times, due to the lack of knowledge and abundance of resources, it was hard to think about certain concepts. Be it a user friendly concept, timeline, usage for resources, sustainability etc. all was said to be alien. However, that is not the case today.

Before taking on any construction project, the pro’s and con are properly evaluated. Changes are made as per the requirement. Every building or construction project is said to have a
purpose behind.
Long story short, it all comes down to the humankind and all that it is set to achieve. There are many types of constructions. But we will be discussing the main ones for now. Which are as

1. Residential Construction

2. Commercial Construction

3. Industrial Construction

4. Infrastructure Construction

Residential Construction:

Residential construction is all about building a project with the purpose that one day a family shall be residing in it. This type of construction involves building from scratch up, alteration of any particular area in the house or repairing what needs a restoration. Its size could vary from
one unit to rental apartment building comprising of a four floors. It could be a house or similar to a residential building for rental purpose.

It safe to say this kind of construction is a well thought process. The ultimate goal is to construct a project that one could call “home”. It is time taking and should be undertaken by the competent construction experts. This type of construction involves personal preferences by
individuals so the stakes tend to be higher along with the expectations.

Commercial Construction:

Commercial Construction

The Commercial construction is generally a vast term. Its scale is also wide compare to the residential construction. The construction projects that fall under this type are restaurants, Hospitals, Retail stores, Shopping malls and accommodations etc.
Usually, private investments are involved, and the purpose is to cater to a larger audience. These projects are extensive, complex and tend to need more equipment or specialized ones than residential projects.
Targeting collective but similar needs, the purpose is the business behind it. Another differentiating factor is that such projects are accessible to the general public.

Industrial Construction:

Industrial Construction:

Industrial construction purpose is to serve business that is in manufacturing, storing and distribution of goods. The examples being factories, power plants, warehouses and other specialized facilities.
Such projects are not constructed for the sake of beauty or eye catching details. They build industrial construction projects for functionality. They keep in mind the need to support heavy equipment and other tools while undertaking this project.
One of the basic requirement is to satisfy the local entities by complying with the rules and laws set by the governmental authorities. Since this type of construction requires a lot of transportation for deliverance of manufactured goods. Adapt the proper channels.
The power supply, the drainage system, storage tanks, the high-capacity ventilation and extensive equipment to carry out the smooth functionality of this kind of a project is significant.

Infrastructure Construction:

Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure Construction refers to the building, maintenance or renovation of the constructional activities that are either taken above or below the ground for a specific well served purpose. The examples are water work maintenance, water drainage, gas pipe
installation, road building, railway line construction etc.
This construction is important for maintaining the healthy economy. Infrastructure construction ensure the smooth running for modern civilization and its development.

In Pakistan, all these types of construction are heavily emphasized on. The materials (brick, cement, concrete, timbre etc) used in such type of construction varies in quantity and magnitude, given the purpose and project requirement.
They adapt residential projects very well as per the family’s preferences. The commercial projects are huge and vast. Some are the marvel to behold. The industrial projects tend to cater to huge markets locally and internationally, alike. Whereas there are so many infrastructural projects on-going for the convenience, wholly.

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