Residential: Know your options before you plan for your own space.

Residential Construction:

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Something that is built, is renovated, is repair or designed with the concept to help a unit of family or a number of families to dwell as per their needs. The place that can be called “Home”. They built the constructional project solely for residing purposes. The investment involved is on a personal level. With it, comes a huge responsibility for the project executor. Residential: Know your options before you plan for your own space.

Types of residential constructions:

There are several types of residential constructions that are known to mankind. The construction and acquisition of this kind of project
depends on many factors. Some of the factors are budget, family size, family needs and requirements, sustainability, accessibility and

A good residential housing society considers the factors that are basic human needs. If someone intends to invest their money, it should be worthwhile. The value should be attained by them. It could vary from family to family but the idea is the same.


1. Connectivity with the surroundings should be easy.
2. Sense of safety because of proper Safety precautions.
3. Distance from the market.
4. Strong social infrastructure.

5. Lifestyle should match with the personal preference.
6. Affordability.
7. Trustworthy developers.
8. Improved standard of living.

Following are some of the types:

1: Flats
2: Penthouses
3: Apartments
4: Farm Houses
5: Bungalow
6: Villa


We have now calculated the rising trend for residential flats in a couple of years. A residential flat means having a three to four level building. It is for dwelling for a short amount of time. Usually occupied by the residents for a holiday or for visiting another city.

It is easier to rent it out and have it for a specific time instead of owning it in the longer run. IT is mostly better suited for a single person or a
family of two.


Penthouse is a structure, like an apartment, built on the roof top of the building. It is for those who wish to have a luxurious life style. This type of residential arrangement offers the best views in city. It is often expensive as well because the offer is exclusive and unparalleled.
Penthouses also include outdoor spaces. Which is an added perk as the other units in the same building doesn’t have that kind of access. However, it is also more exposed to the heat and sunlight, given the top. More Information


It is a suite of rooms that form a residency plan for those who wish to avail it in a smaller budget. It is relatively cheaper than the other residential projects. However, the space one get can have various factors that should be taken into account.
For example: The location of the apartment, Surrounding neighborhood, Value vs price, space size and facilities charges etc. It is also easier to maintain and cost less than a bigger residential project.
In this case, you can own it yet it also involves a risk of the building getting sold out. It is more like no ground, no roof arrangement.

Farm Houses:

Individuals typically own or build farmhouses for vacation purposes. Owners can also call them “second homes”. We can use such residential projects for rental purposes as well.
In the longer run, this type of construction project can be fruitful in future. People often book farmhouses for their ability to accommodate larger audiences. In the recent year’s, the festivities have started to take place in farm houses. Be it birthdays, wedding receptions or any dinner etc
It is an opportunity for a good ROI.


A house with a single story and sloping roof is Bungalow. The usually has a surrounding veranda accompanying as an outer space. It is a small type of house as compare to the proper house arrangement. It has all its living area in a single story.
A bungalow suits individuals with special needs well. It could either be elderly or anyone in the wheelchair.


Villa is a residential project with a large country house. It usually has an estate. May consist of farms and residential buildings arranged around a courtyard, but not necessarily. It varies from place to place. It is usually at a specific distance from other properties around.
This type of residential project is luxurious and spacious. It can accommodate large number or families easily, depending on one’s lifestyle.

Ultimately, the choices are plenty. It all depends upon our human needs and other intrinsic factors. But a well thought plan about a certain accommodation must be there. Because it is not something that one can decide on whims.
In the next topic, we will be moving towards the style inspirational that is locally considered a win.

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