Make Your Space Count: 5 Marla House Design

5 Marla House Design

Every individual dreams of buying or getting their house construction with maximum utilization in mind. 5 Marla House Design Make Your Area Matter. The space comprising of 1125 Sq ft. is the ideal for a family of 4 to 5 members. One has to ensure that if they are investing in a home venture, its beneficial to them equally.

Things to consider:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Area
  • Space utilization.
  • Number of rooms
  • Personal preferences
  • Budget
  • Longevity
  • Basement
  • Construction services

Cost efficiency:

Cost efficiency
Cost efficiency

The cost efficiency must be considered while buying or getting a 5 Marla house construction done. It must be delivered timely. In case of getting it constructed personally, the services should be unmatched for the incurring cost.


Area of Plot

It also depends upon the area in which one get their plot. Most of the time, the by-laws of the society require one to exempt some space. This further reduces the area of the plot. One has to then make-do with the left square feet for building the desire house as per one’s need. Be it house design in DHA Lahore, Valencia, Wapda town or Bahria, the varied by-laws apply.

Space utilization:

Space utilization
Space utilization

A highly competent construction expert would be able to assist with the concept of maximum utilization of space. The interior and architectural services must be thought well through in order to ensure the house design has all the important nooks and corners. To make the space work in one’s favor is easy if the practicality is kept in mind instead of just something that appeals to the eye.

Number of rooms:

Number of rooms
Number of rooms

The 1125 sqft space holds limited capacity for the rooms to be built, better suited for a small family. It would mostly include 3 bed rooms, 2 kitchens, 4 bathrooms, 1 car parking area, a little lawn at front and a little laundry area at the back. One has to keep in mind that if this is sufficient for the family of 4-5. Read More

Storage space:

An individual should also be mindful about the storage space in their house design as it’s an everyday need for us. It helps in storing things and also for maintaining one’s household appearance in day to day life without any problem. Without the storage space, 5 marla house design would feel suffocated not very well put.

Personal preferences:

Personal preferences
Personal Preferences

In case of any special requirement to be included in the 5 Marla house design, space should be considered first. For example, some people tend to wish for a library or any other factor like an additional dirty kitchen etc. It gets difficult to manage but for a field expert, it ought to be a piece of cake. But it is mostly like you lose something and add something. But you have to make do with what you have.



While an individual is set to have a budget, it is still advised to make wise choices. For further information, we have a thorough list of things that one should keep in mind before pursuing they take up the mantle for getting their 5 marla house design. It could be in any area of Lahore but the budget varies given the selected area, material and services attained. 


The 5 marla house deign must not solely be built on an abstract idea. It should have the focus on longevity foremost. Something that appeals to the eye can diminish in few days if the practicality of space is not there. If the house design fails to meet the value expectations against the cost spent. Or if it’s not user friendly. 



Some individual also wishes to have a basement in their 5 marla house design. They need to first conduct a thorough research about its feasibility. The “why” behind the idea should also be addressed and must be conveyed to the hired construction team so that they may advice/cater the plan accordingly.

Construction services:

Construction Services
Construction Services

The space should be utilized wisely. An individual should keep this in mind that non practical ideas would only cause hindrance in the house design. So everything much be out in the open for best results. Especially for the construction service providers. It is highly advised to find someone who can ensure that your house all the relevant aspects needed for a long term use such as form, space, light, texture, materials, ventilationand architectural design etc. Contact Us

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