Importance of designing one’s dream-house 

Everyone has a dream of having their own space one day, be it a big or a small one. We all take pride in calling something ours especially. When it is that we have built after years upon years of hard-work and hard earned money.

The cost incurred in building and constructing one’s house is massive. It takes effort, dedication and precision to help an idea become a reality. One can find all sorts of financial aspects, information and analytics about the cost factor of constructing houses on various platforms by doing some research.

However, what comes during and after that first phase of construction is equally vital: house designs. The appeal behind the idea of having a personal space is good. Some has big families and hence require more space to settle in, which brings us to exceeded number of search in the past few months for 1 kanal house designs in Pakistan.

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Envisioning one’s dream house:

Beauty appeals to every eye. So does the comfort that comes along, if executed properly. When we talk about designing a house. We need to ask ourselves this question: “why?” because one could easily buy it from the builders and be done with it without getting involved in all the hustle that is required to reach the end product/goal.

Imagine, you having the resources to acquire anything in the world yet it still doesn’t reflect that feeling of belonging to oneself or the way we would wish for it to make us feel like. It is because a home is an extension of you. It contains the same energy that you do.

Practicality of the design:

We want that particular element of “us” in the things that we wish to have. It is why we are ready to wait it out and expect a certain outcome rather than buying it off the market. The budget for constructing one’s 1 kanal house designs in Pakistan as well as priorities should be set right since the beginning in order to attain the maximum value.

The number of rooms, their sizes, the kind of kitchen you want. The number of additional things that a family requires to live comfortable under a roof should be kept in mind while crafting the ideas for efficient utilization of space.

In addition to one’s preferences. All kinds of by-laws should also be kept in mind and must be abided by to avoid any future problems. A whole other process of heart and soul goes into designing one’s dream-house. Building something from a scratch is what makes the whole effort even more precious so all factors must be well thought-upon through and through.

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Internal efficiency of designs:

After defining one’s priorities, the next thing that should be considered is the internal layout of the house. The focus should be on designing each and every nook and corner along with its best possible efficiency. It should not only be distinctive from other areas on theinside but must also reflect the consistency with one’s lifestyle.

After a long tiring day at work. The only thought that keeps us occupied is to go back home and rest well. It is the space that help your weary body and soul to be re-charged. Your safe spot to make memories in, your happy place to be shared with your friends and extended families as well.

So it must meet all the requirements of one’s day-to-day practical aspect of life as well of those. Who’d be visiting the house or living there.

Exploring one’s ideas and inspiration:

The design-planning should cover all the important aspect such as if the kitchen would be open or not, bathroom tiles. Installation of certain vents, combo of colors, foyer that you’d like your house to have. How a certain spot in the house should make you feel. What kind of a wardrobe would you wish to be installed in. How your bedroom window should be facing outward etc.

Envisioning how one’s dream house should look like and then watching it unfold right before your eyes for real is something of an extra-ordinary experience. Overcoming all those hindrances and finally making it? Absolutely priceless!

So gather as many inspirations as you can as per your well-thought dream house for your next step as its highly crucial to have some sort of an example to show the team of experts. Who’d be helping you achieve the results.

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Seeking a professional’s advice:

Once you have the relevant examples as well as important points jotted down to work with, head over to the team of a competent and professional designer to seek advice. Show them what your vision looks like. Explain each and everything, from its efficiency to presentation, with your end goal to them.

A well thought of and well put down points would also leave no room for confusion for either of you. It would help them immensely to work toward fulfilling your expectations to the best of their capabilities.

Moreover, it also helps one understand if the desired design is achievable or not. What changes should be made. What mistakes should be rectified to get the maximum utilization of resources as houses aren’t built on daily basis. If one is investing so much, might as well be open to suggestion for the better part 1 kanal house designs in Pakistan.

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Blue print to reality:

Once you and your selected team of experts have walked each other through the whole expectations vs reality maze. It’s important to form a 3D model of the selected design to “see” if it looks as appealing as it did in our mind’s eye.

The purpose of this step is to ensure what the model would look like. If there are any changes that should be made first hand before initiating the construction process.

Material and finishing selection:

After finalizing the house design, one should consider the incurred material cost next as it depends upon the quality that you’d require in building house. It’s important to hunt the required products to be used, first hand, in one’s house constructions to avoid any future obstacles

It’s also advised to ensure if the selected materials are easily accessible in the market, from where are these to be procured from, or does it have to be outsourced via other means. It should also be well researched if in case the selected accessories have price fluctuation going on. There must always be a back-up plan involved, just in case of any last minute changes.

All these services should be availed and booked for first hand prior to initiating the house building process so that one can enjoy the process instead of stressing over even smallest of details. To ensure the smooth transition of your dreams to reality, Highland properties and
Construction’s is here to assist you with all these essential steps. We would love to have your back and what better way to build a bond than delivering the quality service!
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Q1: What are the key considerations when designing a 1 kanal house in Pakistan?

A1: When designing a 1 kanal house in Pakistan, it is important to consider factors such as the plot size, local building regulations, climate, cultural preferences and the needs of the occupants. Ensuring adequate space utilization, natural light, ventilation and incorporating elements of local architecture can enhance the overall design.

Q2: How can I optimize space in a 1 kanal house design?

A2: To optimize space in a 1 kanal house design, consider efficient floor plans that prioritize functionality and flow. Utilize multi-purpose areas, such as open-plan living spaces, modular furniture, built-in storage solutions and vertical utilization for maximizing space without compromising on comfort and aesthetics.

Q3: What architectural styles are suitable for 1 kanal houses in Pakistan?

A3: Several architectural styles can be adapted for 1 kanal houses in Pakistan, including contemporary, modern, traditional or a fusion of styles. It’s essential to choose a style that resonates with your preferences while also complementing the surrounding environment and adhering to local architectural norms.

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