New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs

New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs: When designing a TV lounge, a centre table is not the first thought. It seems less important. With our years of experience in home furnishing and interior design, we have to tell you that’s not true. Don’t measure its importance by its size. This small detail could do wonders for your TV lounge.

The centre table serves as the focal point for your living room. This humble piece quietly catches attention without you even knowing. Don’t believe us? Ask your guests what three things they noticed first in your living room, and more than 50% of people will name it. If you are already aware of its importance, you must be here for some modern TV lounge centre table design inspiration.

What is the Purpose of a Centre Table?

A centre table is not usually functional. It’s all about the aesthetic, filling the space, and displaying décor. Basically, its use is your choice and your lifestyle. You choose to make it functional. In summary, it is an essential piece.

If you have a small TV lounge, you could definitely make it multi-purpose. Serve drinks on it and embellish it for the visual appeal both at the same time.

Types of Material for a Centre Table?

The first thing to begin in the planning process for an aesthetic centre table is the material for it. Again, the material depends on your lifestyle. If you are using it to serve functionality, you should choose durable materials. If it’s solely for décor, you could go with acrylic, Glass, or wood [New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs]. The appeal could be grabbed by style. Material plays a role in the appeal but not as much as the style. A beautiful design style in brass could be as significantly beautiful as marble or wood.

Mix Material:

If you are not sure if one material is your aesthetic for the living room, choose mixed materials. They are versatile in design and style, durabililty and use. A combination of Glass and wood is the most common one, you would see them in every Pakistani household. The reason is they are classic. People of all ages are attracted to them, and they come in different styles. You would also find marble and metal in modern options. They are sleek and contemporary.


New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs

A classic wood table never disappoints. Classic does not mean it can’t be modern. Wood, as the material itself, is a classic. Every piece of furniture is incomplete without wood. Its strength and natural texture make it impossible not to have wood on a centre table [New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs]. If you are planning to put a lot of weight on your table, wood must be there.


Glass has always been there to finish the look of every furniture piece. Its reflective surface and ability to be a good insulator of heat make it a priority choice for a table’s surface. One could make excellent styles from Glass, whether intricate details or bold expressions. Glass makes it easy with its versatility.


A modern centre table requires new materials. Something that people are not bored of watching is classed as modern. There you go, we said it. So, this definition of ours classifies this material as modern [New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs]. Use iron, brass, copper, and aluminium to add contemporary sophistication to your living room or industrial charm with the added benefit of strength.


Elegant and stunning, marble is a contemporary choice for your living room. It offers luxury and durability. For the same effect, you could also opt for a granite table. They could make a bold statement while also providing the needed strength.


Wicker gives your living room a bohemian or mid-century vibe. If you want a soft look with gentle curves and the softness of wicker, you must add it to your centre table.  Once known as a traditional material choice in Pakistani furniture, wicker is now back in style, complementing modern furniture. It completes the modern look and comes in abundant colours and patterns.


Without much effort, acrylic for a centre table material is going to make your TV lounge modern and stylish. Transparency is in trend. You would have seen a lot of it in fashion accessories around you [New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs]. Bags, glasses frames, outerwear, and shoes are flocked with this trendy material, and furniture is not blind to it. Acrylic tables are sleek and give the illusion of space. They are in different transparent colours. You have mostly seen in neon red, blue, green and iridescent colours.

Get Inspired by New Modern TV Lounge Centre Table Designs:

Nesting Table:

Nesting tables are groups of tables placed at different heights. They are great for creating volume. They can be styled in many ways and are a top choice for a modern look. They are multi-functional and affordable. You could set up a trio or dual tables. You could colour contrast them or have a similar colour. A harmonious difference in style would also give contemporary vibes.

Abstract Shape:

Abstract shapes do not have straight lines. They are irregularly shaped and have curvy lines. These give a soft yet bold look. You must know they prioritize form over function, depending on its shape [New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs]. They are going to look like an art piece. If you have the rest of the furniture contemporary, blending it with an abstract shape is going to do the charm of a modern living room.

One could play with it in several ways:

 1) Add storage below with the same material, Glass integrated into the top.
 2) Marble top with an abstract base.

 3) If you want a larger surface area at the top, opt for a rectangular top with round edges and a base with soft curves carved    in wood.

Some other styles are oval-shaped tear-drop bases and abstract gold bases.

Wooden Log:

The wooden log centre table design is a nature lover’s dream come true. It goes with almost all types of aesthetics, from industrial to modern. Basically, it has a contemporary vibe and is never going out of style.

A wooden log as a centrepiece will undoubtedly look impressive and add an air of richness and value to your living room.

Tiered Centre Table:

New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs

A tiered centre table has layers. These could be two or more, depending on your lifestyle. Those tiers are not only a statement piece but are also functional as a wide storage space. Stylize those tiers in either plain circular shapes or, if you want to be edgier, add more lines to them or play with colours in those tiers.

It serves as a great focal point, which is the goal of a centre table. Place your big and heavy items paired with small and intricate ones to finish the centrepiece. Please don’t leave the tyres empty from decoration and do not over-clutter them.

Geometric Base Centre Table:

Geometric base centre tables give a sleek look. If the top is wood or any other neutral colour, preferably make it black. Make sure to add a complimentary rug underneath it [New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs]. This type of table gives an overall sleek look, matching perfectly with modern vibes.

You could easily mix materials in it, from marble to iron or a wooden base. All go with a geometric base idea. It is also an ideal choice if other furniture in your living room is heavy or if you want to highlight your carpet or rug, which might have an overwhelming design.

Tapered Leg:

New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs

A tapered leg table with narrow legs that become wider at the base is an ideal choice for a contemporary look. The legs gradually become thinner at the ends, adding an elegant touch to the table.

It leaves room for further design, with other furniture pieces having the opportunity to become massive and detailed. It gives harmony and easily creates balance. Top it with some books, scented candles, or a vase with your favourite plant in it.

Wooden Pallets:

Serving both storage and aesthetics through its raw wooden texture, a pallet centre table could be a classic to your TV lounge. It is a timeless furniture piece and looks good both with modern and traditional furniture [New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs]. It is easy to make and hence could be budget-friendly depending upon the wood choice.

New Modern TV Lounge Center Table Designs – FAQs:

Q1. What should be on the centre table?

Ans: Its main purpose is to look good and grab attention, so place a brass vase paired with books or magazines, add some coasters and mini decorations in them, or place a single photo or a free-standing photo frame with multiple photos. Be careful of proportions. It should be harmonious.

Q2. What is the best material for a centre table?

Ans: If you want versatility in designs, wood would be the ideal choice. Otherwise, metal is long lasting option. The marble looks great for a contemporary look.

Q3. What shape of table Is most efficient?

Ans: A square table with round curves serves a greater purpose. For a stylish look, choose organic shapes.

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