Know your construction materials: what Sand is and how much is Sand price today

Sand price today: Different kinds of sand are commonly used to make concrete, giving the concrete different properties. Concrete combines cement, sand (fine aggregate), and crushed water. 

The compression strength of concrete is the most important thing, as it represents the maximum compressive stress a material can withstand without failure. Three types of sand are used to test the compression strength.

Each type of sand is either used alone or mixed with something else. All the sands are sourced from Ravi sand, [Sand price today] Chenab sand, and Lawrencepur sand.

Today, we will discuss the sand component used in building that concrete to give you an idea of its significance and what you should know before commencing your construction project down the lane.

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Sand is a vital building material. It is found in large amounts in nature and is made when rocks break down. It is a pervasive substance in nature. It makes things more robust and gives them more bulk when mixed with them. It has a coarse texture and cohesive properties. 

Small pieces of silica (SiO2) make up sand particles. It is a central part of concrete, lime mortar, cement mortar, and other things to be used as main ingredients.

Types of Sand (In Pakistan)

Various kinds of construction sand are available in Pakistan based on their color, grain size, flake shape, and ability to stick together [Sand price today]. It also depends on where it can be found and how it is extracted.

In general, sand used for construction can be put into groups based on the size and properties of its particles. These are some of the most popular and common kinds of sand used in Pakistan:
· Fine sand
· River sand
· Manufactured sand
· Pit sand
· Coarse sand
· Concrete sand
· Fill sand
· Utility sand

Concrete and river sand suit most building jobs, but pit sand, utility sand, or fill sand may be better for specific tasks like leveling or filling.

Uses of Sand

· A lot of different types of building materials are made from Sand. It is used to make concrete, mortar, and bricks.

· Sand plays a vital role in the production of bricks. Bricks are used in building walls and other structures, and without them, it would not be possible to have such big projects. 

· Sand is mixed with clay and other materials. It helps create a stable building material that provides the much-needed strength and durability for construction. 

· Without Sand, constructing functional and mammoth infrastructures would not be possible alongside strength. 

Brands for Sand

Because different types of sand have different qualities, they are better for some uses than others [Sand price today]. Following are some of the famous brands providing sand that are used in construction:

· Ravi Sand

· Chenab Sand

· Lawrencepur Sand

· Gassu Sand (Slit Sand)

Ravi Sand

Sand price today

The sand from the Ravi River is sold under the well-known brand Sand Ravi. People know it’s good quality, and construction jobs in Pakistan use it a lot. It has the ideal particle size. It works excellently because of its fine texture and consistent grading, making it a good choice for mortar, concrete, and plaster. 

Chenab Sand:

The sand sourced from River Chenab is sold under the well-known brand Chenab Sand. The people know its fine quality, which is trendy in the construction industry across Pakistan. It, too, has the ideal particle size. It works well because of its properties, texture, and consistency when mixed with other mortar, concrete, and plaster ingredients.

Lawrencepur Sand:

It is also known as granite or harrow sand for pathways and driveways. Compared to sand from the Chenab and Ravi rivers, Lawrencepur Sand is the best regarding vegetation. It is used with the crushed rock base underneath. 

Because of its top quality, it has many uses. It is used all over Pakistan for construction purposes, such as purifying polluted water. Its maximum use is in Residential, commercial, and infrastructural construction. 

Gassu Sand (Slit Sand):

It is pocket-friendly sand that is used by the majority of people all across Pakistan. It is mixed with other building materials to achieve the desired result, such as clay, bajri, etc. Gassu sand acts as a rigid barrier against water, wear, corrosion, or other damage meant to destroy the buildings. It has water-resistant properties and gets hard when mixed with different materials. It provides much-needed strength to the surface by hardening it into what we otherwise like to refer to as “rock solid.”

Difference between a River sand & sand


Sand price today

M sand is manufactured in a controlled environment and has to be the “backup” due to the scarcity of river sand resources [Sand price today]. Since it is made artificially, it is possible to control the outcome. At the same time, A particular series of purification has to be followed for the river sand to be helpful in the long run for construction purposes. 

River Sand

River sand is often used in buildings because it is cheaper and comes from natural sources.


· River sand provides insulation for the walls. 

· It is used to form the mortar base and plaster the walls. It is used mainly in constructing bridges, homes, and concrete. 

· In addition, the river sand is used in filling in the gaps in roads, for repairs, and for renovations that need fixing. 

· Gardening and planting are other things that river sand is used for. The sands look natural and excellent for rock gardens and supporting flower and veggie beds.

· Sands can also make paths and walks look like they were in nature.

· Also, you can use it for RCC, tiling, brickwork, and more.


All the former three are the river sand, often found next to streams and rivers [Sand price today]. This fine white-gray sand is used to make concrete and build things out of stone. The grains in this sand are better shaped, and the texture is smooth. It also needs less water because water is already trapped in its particles. It was cheap and had between 5 and 20 percent silt in it.


It weighs 1.29 g/cc for Ravi Sand, 1.28 g/cc for Chenab Sand, and 1.42 g/cc for Lawrencepur Sand. 

Ravi sand, Chenab sand, and Lawrencepur sand all have MDDs of 1.71 g/cc, 1.68 g/cc, and 1.87 g/cc, and OMCs of 15.3%, 15.9%, and 15.1%, respectively, in the Standard Proctor Test.

In saturated conditions, the Ravi sand has a Cohesion of 2.28 kPa and an angle of internal friction of 27.37o. The Chenab sand has a Cohesion of 2.50 kPa and an angle of internal friction of 42.76o. The Lawrencepur sand has a cohesion of 1.93 kPa and an angle of internal friction of 38.26o.

Sand price today:

1Chanab Sand A+ Trolley 1250 CFT
1250 CFT
2Chanab Sand B Trolley 1250 CFT
1250 CFT
3Chanab Sand C Trolley 1250 CFT
1250 CFT
4Head Qadirabad Trolley 900 CFT
900 CFT
5Lawrencepur / Harrow Trolley 900 CFT
1250 CFT
6Ravi Sand Trolley 700 CFT
700 CFT
700 CFT

7Ravi Gassu Trolley 900 CFT
900 CFT
900 CFT

8Shiekhupora Trolley
900 CFT

Factors that affect the Sand price

Even though the price is the same throughout the country, it can change because of rising stock market prices and higher government taxes, such as higher fuel prices

We got prices for sand from people in Pakistan’s most significant towns [Sand price today]. You can quickly get an idea and decide how much you want to spend on a building job before you start.

This kind of sand may be easier to find or more challenging to find depending on where you live and how people there work. Should you need more specific information about your project, it’s best to talk to local suppliers or building experts in Pakistan.

Ratio to be used in construction:

This precise information depends on the nature, size, structural design, finishing factors, and one’s budget, how much sand will be used, and what ratio, alongside which elements to form the desired project. A competent team of experts construction experts can give you an estimate. 


A skill is the specific ability to do a job. Competence, on the other hand, means that a person knows how to do the task correctly [Sand price today]. Knowledge, experience, attitude, personality, and physical skills are also parts of competence.

It’s hard to define and set the criteria for what “competency” means as subjective. For starters, you need to compare the training someone has had with the jobs they will be doing or have done with their knowledge and skills. In other words, their experience in the field. 

For that, you can conduct market research, shortlist the names of the companies from which you wish to get quotations for your construction project, and visit them. 

But ensure that the team you hire is competent and uses your resources effectively. Be it just the Cement or otherwise. 

Always go for a professional. Lucky for you, we happen to be one! 

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In this article, we have discussed what sand is [Sand price today]. What importance does it hold, and how many types can it be used for efficient output? The companies that provide you the needed option for sand. Its texture, density, and uses. In addition, we have also told you about our company’s services and how we might be the right fit for you! 

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Sand price today-FAQ’s

Q: Which sand is the best to be used in construction?

A: River sand is the best used, mainly in construction nationwide. 

Q: Why is sand used in construction?

A: Sand is commonly used in construction to give materials like concrete, mortar, asphalt, and cement strength, mass, and stability.

Q: Which sand would you be using in my construction project?

A: we use all three: Ravi, Chenab, and Lawrencepur sand in our projects, depending on our client’s needs, requirements, and budget. 

Q: Would I have to source it myself, or would your company do it for me?

A: Our company would take care of everything if you acquire our services without having to go through the hassle of providing us with the building material

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