Double-Story House Design in Pakistan: The concept of double-story house design has gained immense popularity over the years, primarily due to the increasing urbanization and the need for efficient space utilization. The two-story residence not only  provides ample living space but also provides beautiful landscaping and tapestries for interior decoration.

New Designs For 5 Marla House: Every builder has expectations and ambitions in the case of the final result of their self-built project. The procedure of designing a home is very demanding. The main thing you need to consider adding is basic room information and its sizes. It is recommended that you take measurements of […]

Concrete: Concrete price today: Concrete is a mixed material (gravel or lime, Cement and water, etc.), sometimes made up of small and large rocks glued together with a paste-like substance to be formed over time.  It’s one of the most common building materials used worldwide and in Pakistan because of its strength, durability, flexibility and [&hellip

6 Marla House Design: Building a 6-marla house requires a creative process that includes optimizing space and considering the work and personal style. Everything from the process to the most minor design details plays a vital role in creating the atmosphere and usability of the building. Designing an Efficient 6 Marla House Layout: 6 Marla […]

4 Marla House Designs: Architecture is a beautiful discipline that combines art, science and study. When it comes to the 4 Marla home, the design process becomes more interesting than the competition between architecture and homeowner. In this blog, we take a deep dive into the design world of 4 Marla homes, exploring everything from […]

3 Marla House Designs: Tiny houses have become popular because they are cheap and space-efficient. Another reason is that property prices have increased nationwide, and people now have less money to buy large properties. That’s why nowadays people prefer tiny houses like 3 or 5 Marla. Learn About 3 Marla Houses: 3 Marla Houses generally […]