About Political Impact on Construction Sector in Pakistan

Political impact:

The construction sector in Pakistan is one of the most important and prominent one. Given that it is one of the major contributor in the economy’s growth, the impact of certain factors also effects it in the same manner. About Political Impact on Construction Sector in Pakistan.

Today, we will be discussing about what are some of the political factors that has impacted the Construction sector in Pakistan and why must one consider before taking a major decision about the construction projects.


Government Policy Changes:

Government is responsible for making and changing the policies in countries. All sorts of rules, regulations, taxation, sale and purchase of land and property has significantly impacted the construction sector.

The uncertainty that has surrounded such policies has made the developers and investors hesitant about investing their energy and money in several of the projects be it residential, commercial or industrial.

As a result of which, growth has stopped. This has led to many delays and cancellation of certain big projects because neither the investors. Developers nor the public is confident about the current political situation in Pakistan.

All sorts of Governmental policies and regulations directly affect the construction sector be it the change in tax rate, land acquisition laws, zoning regulations, construction code etc with its long lasting impact on property development and prices.


The political situation in Pakistan has currently only conveyed the fact that how much deeply rooted the corruption within our system really is. The very government institutions and regulatory bodies that are responsible for law and order as well as fair system in Pakistan has failed to live by its principles.

This has and will cause the progress about construction projects to hinder. We witness on daily basis about how the bribery. Kickbacks and other form of corruption is there in bright day yet we are not able to do anything about it especially when authorities are involved and common man is suffering.

All these forms of corruption can result in inflated project costs, delayed approvals, hesitancy for land allocation etc. Not only that, the lack of faith in quality construction would also be diminished or lacking, hence making it difficult for the public to invest in the matter.

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Foreign investment:

Foreign investors always prefer to invest in an arena where results are predictable and which has stability. In the lieu of current political situation in Pakistan, foreigner investors would not be in any hurry to invest their capital and commit to constructional projects no matter how much it could benefit them in the long run.

Political instability would make government to make frequent changes in its policies. Such changes mean that the government and policy makers lack confidence in the very rules and regulations that they demand the public to follow. That lack of certainty would also entail number of identified as well as unidentified risks. The foreign investors would not have that comfort of security that could make them think about investing in the constructional sector hence deterring the growth. About Political Impact on Construction Sector in Pakistan.

This could also influence the relationship with other countries and potential foreign investors. Lack of policies, unstable government rules and regulations in addition to the lack of transparency may lead to more loss than gain.

Economic Stability:

Political and Economical stability is one of the foremost requirement for any investor or developer to explore potential investment opportunity. Without this safety, no one would be willing to spend their money or effort in a project that is expected to doom.

For any sector to grow, it is important that he stability is there alongside the rules and regulations that protects the entities involved in any possible business ventures, both legally and otherwise.

A stable political environment helps in governing the country effectively. It enhances the contribution for growth several folds, which is essential for construction sector.

Political instability, on the other hand, leads to uncertainty, volatility in property prices and reluctance among investors to commit to long-term projects.

Infrastructure development:

The politics impact the infrastructure projects the most. Overall, the growth is halted but the development in Urban sector also cease to be.

Major decision such as roads, buildings, bridges, schools, public transport or facility centers etc are deeply affected by any political disaster.

It also causes the investment to be withdrawn and increases the risk. Including that of deteriorated quality of life in the said areas. It majorly stimulates the construction and building decisions in the said areas. Some of the property value either falls or is sold on poor rates, causing more harm than good.

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Demand and supply:

Political policies and decisions such as about planning of certain projects, policies about such and environmental regulations also shape up the physical landscapes across Pakistan. This requires the backup plans. A poorly planned strategy could lead in environmental degradation further more so.

Political decisions regarding infrastructure development such as prioritizing certain regions. Projects over other also impacts the demand for construction services and the allocation of resources within the said sector. About Political Impact on Construction Sector in Pakistan.

Land Acquisition Issues:

Acquiring land is not enough. Acquiring the land at a proper point is. Hence making it a much more important decision and factor from an investor’s point of view. About Political Impact on Construction Sector in Pakistan.

Political factors impact such decisions drastically. There could be potential dispute over the lands with no authority to report to in case if something goes wrong. Corruption and lack of transparency make. It harder for any developer or investor to step up while there’s a political unrest in the country along with possibility of losing one’s capital. It can lead to delays and increased costs for developers.

Security Concerns:

Political instability and lack of security can undermine investor confidence and deter real estate development big time. Its particularly visible in conflict-affected regions. It can disrupt construction activities and may lead to increased project costs, delays or even project cancellations altogether.

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Government Spending:

Government budgets and spending priorities have a significant influence on the construction sector. Changes in public investment in infrastructure projects, housing schemes or other construction initiatives can directly affect the demand for construction services and materials.

Hence, all these factors prove that the political instability has a huge impact on the constructional sector in Pakistan. As a result of which all sorts of laws, order and safety diminishes. It directly influence’s the decision making for investors and developers that are seeking to invest be it from a business point of view or personal one.

Political instability causes fear in the market, leading to all the construction projects to be stopped and any economical growth to halt.

Political instability in Pakistan. Where there are already so many economic challenges, adds more challenges in the real estate, development and construction sectors. It makes it difficult to overcome these challenges anytime soon, causing more uncertainty among the countrymen and business person alike.

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