Commercial Construction: from the local point of view

view of a bulldozer working in a construction.

Commercial construction is on the rise in Pakistan as per the rising trend. As we have shed a light in our previous topic, this sector includes leisure, hospitality buildings and offices etc.

The said type of commercial project is set to be the latest trend and for staying a long time. The reason being the revival in tourism, investment in services sectors, opportunities as per a business person to target the end user by considering their need etc.

Even though Pakistan is by definition still not a developed country compared to those that were given a separate identity in 1974. It has its set-backs. The rise in the construction cost made the consumers re-evaluate their choices for building their residential or commercial projects.

Types of commercial construction on the rise in Pakistan:

However, many business person has started to see opportunities in the market regardless. It’s about investing with the vision in mind that today’s expenses shall be covered by the profit earned tomorrow. It is all about keeping an eye out for the opportunities, evaluating and executing strategies as per needed.

There has been a significant rise in the commercial construction in Local market despite the material cost being sky-rocketed. Some of the commercial ventures we will discuss below from a Local’s point of view.

Flats or Apartments:

These days the trend about flats is on the rise in Pakistan.

These days the trend about flats is on the rise in Pakistan. Many people used to find it alien before but due to inflation, many wish to have their own place. It is a feasible option for those who has less budget but still want a concrete space to call “home”.

The trend has taken over where we can find many buildings situation in prime locations that comprises of flats. All the posh areas in Lahore also has at least 2-3 commercial construction in Pakistan projects such as this going on.

Be it DHA Lahore, Bahria Town, Lake City, Wapda Town, Valencia, Park View society etc. you can find many projects with this sort of future investment in mind.

Plaza or Heights:

Plaza are large buildings that offers the combination of residentialand commercial both to the consumers. However, these are made solely for the purpose of earning profit by renting out or selling the apartments.

A plaza or height is mostly consisting of offices for a couple of floors with shops at the ground floor and residential setting as flats on upper floors. Offering multi channels to consumers to avail value.

The possibilities for the owner to earn hefty amount as rent for all these three are huge. Some of the latest trendy heights even have roof-top hotels now to add the entertainment element to the whole setting.

It’s always mandatory to keep up with the latest market trend. With adaptability, you can have all the money in the world but it still will not be of any use if you lack vision or plan to execute things in the right way.

The construction cost may be high for such a commercial setting but so is the return on such investment.

Shopping malls:

Showcase in this image Shopping malls

Shopping malls being one of the major commercial investment opportunity is on the rise in Pakistan these days. The ultimate shopping hauls and never ending sales through-out the year has resulted in many brands acquiring the outlets in various cities across the region.

This is one of the venture that is huge and expensive but the right target audience also can reap the desired results in the long run especially the consumer that only trust brands when it comes down to personal choices.

The shopping malls has also created the opportunities for small and big vendors alike to market their products or arrange the events so that the sales would be generated in abundance. For example, most of the shopping malls now allow many events and seasonal events to be held in. Of course, for a fee.

Many a times, book fairs, kids oriented games and other festival oriented events are also held in the shopping arena’s that generate jobs.

Entertainment spots – play areas:

Continuing from our former heading, shopping malls are not just exclusive to shopping and brands alone these days. There are many opportunities one could benefit from such as by mixing entertainment and fun element on the go.

Many shopping malls hold cinemas for the adult to enjoy their long weekend. while day care facilities as well as play areas are available for the kids to have the due fun while the parents shop their hearts out!

This isn’t just confined to just go, grab and come back home anymore. We have food courts with lots of choices to choose from. With more choices comes more responsibility as well as more opportunities to benefit from by renting out the shops to different vendors.


Another sound commercial opportunity for the local is the rise in gym-culture. Many of the youth as well as elderly has started to take care of their physical health by staying active. The gym is an opportunity for the local people to collaborate or for a sole person to invest in the latest gym equipment along with a sound location to benefit from.

It also gives the chance for those who have a sporty lifestyle to find the jobs and become gym instructors as well as nutrition specialist.


There’s no denying that Pakistani cuisine is special. Given our preferences today, we would gladly pick Pakistani food over anything. The most of the thing you miss as an overseas Pakistani is the food, among other important stuff.

The opportunity for opening restaurants with full fledge theme and values embedded to convey a certain picture in end-consumer’s mind has taken number one seat on the chart.

There are various restaurants and options to choose from. If you have the right kind of ingredients to stand out of the crowd, then this one’s for you. Team of professionals are hired along. The competition in this sector has risen ten folds compared to past decades.

Pakistan has been a region with various culture and languages. Hence the food is also based on various factors. We welcome change and also, it is nice to have variety to choose from.


Many of the buildings and plaza have floors that are especially designed for this sole purpose of renting out to may be one or more than one organization to rent out.

This is a sound opportunity for the business owners to expand their investment and choose their option wisely.



Mosques are a significant part of not only culture but as well as from a religious point of you. Given that Pakistan was founded on the basis of Islamic values, building Mosques are mandatory to instill and upkeep the Islamic laws in the society.

Though this falls under the religious aspect. But given that the project itself is for the larger part of the society. It makes it commercial. The cause and result that help people come together and build something good and do good in the longer run.

Many a times mosques are also used to collect donations, for Ramdaniftars and sahoors, for sheltering the needy as well as a source for Quran Classes for kids.


Stores or outlets that provide the good or services to the end users. There’s a lot of concept for retail stores in Pakistan. With the great emergence in digital world for this concept. The evolution of retail stores in the form of brick and mortar has started to become less and less in time and more and more online.

It is easier to manage expanses online that pay the hefty bills for a shop.

Departmental Stores:

A well-known commercial model for a business person with a decent amount of money to invest with the purpose of having profit for a long period of time. Especially in their retirement era, there’s a huge chance for individuals to opt for this kind of commercial ventures.

Departmental stores are a necessity. It’s also considered important when one is deciding their residential spot to be in a specific area. It’s always better to have a store near-by to get your everyday things from without breaking a sweat about covering the distance in a car.


The healthcare sector in Pakistan hasn’t improved much since 1947 but the private clinics are the substitute we have. Hence the high fee as well. It’s not always easy or accessible to all in the society. Many a times people tend to forgo the medical attention altogether due to the lack of affordability.

The clinics are still there. Many are specific and many are general. For example: dental clinic, derma clinic, general physician etc. It is constructed with the profit and business mindset and not for the general public’s welfare. There might be a few non-profit organizations that run some clinics or booths for the sake of welfare if the society but that can be counted on finger tips, to day, not many.

Marriage halls:

Show in image Marriage Halls

Another commercial venture that has taken over in Pakistani society is about Marriage halls, Marquees and such. People with huge amount of money also invest in this commercial construction in Pakistan to earn profit. It is to say that since our culture is about marriages being not so simple. He business owners thrive on this factor.

These are some of the examples that fall under commercial construction in Pakistan that locals prefer to invest in or pursue in the longer run. The list goes on but since we wanted to keep it engaging as well as educational, we decided to wind it up at it.

It takes a competent team to take over such projects and execute it as per the mental vision of the project owner. No compromises on the quality is affordable as ultimately many a times a good number of people are also involved in it. Safety shall always be prioritized. 

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