Significance of Industrial construction within Pakistan and its operating examples

In our last topic, we looked at various examples for what industrial construction is all about. What nature of projects can be expected and how vast it can be for construction Industry. We talked about Manufacturing plants, power plants and oil refineries etc. Significance of Industrial construction within Pakistan and its operating examples.

Industrial construction from a local’s pov:

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In this blog, we will look at some of the examples of industrial construction from a local point of view and how many such examples are present within Pakistan.

Industrial Construction & GDP:

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In 2022, Pakistan’s GDP increased to 2260798 PKR Million from 992747 PKR million in 2021. The average GDP from construction in Pakistan made it to 419138.06 PKR million from 2006 until 2022, which reached out to 2260798.00 PKR Million In 2022, a record of another kind of low being 186380.00 PKR Million in 2006. This data has been endorsed by the State Bank of Pakistan, significance of Industrial construction.

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Manufacturing industry in Pakistan:

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Pakistan’s industrial sector contributes atleast 28.11 % In its GDP. It has been divided in the following ratio and aspects:

Mining constitutes2.18%
Textile unit to exports$15.4b
Surgical instruments<1.36%
Chemicals and automotive industry<1.36%

Manufacturing industry refers to creating things to cater the needs and demand of human beings specifically targeted at something. The main industry in Pakistan is Textile, Food processing, drinks, chemicals, cement, Tobacco, engineering, automobiles, coke and petroleum, pharmaceuticals, Significance of Industrial construction.

It has been divided into three additional parts:

Large scale manufacturing (LSM)

Small scale manufacturing (SSM)


There are atleast 67 biggest manufacturing industries in Pakistan:

7Sign Corporation

A.G Industries Pvt Ltd.


Abudawood Pakistan


Agro Processors & Atmospheric Gases Ltd.

Ahmed Enterprises

Al-Hafiz (Pvt) Ltd

Alsons Group

Anfords Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd

Arte della Vita

Associated Industries Limited ( A Unit of IMGC )

Augment (Pvt.) Ltd.


BottleCoPvt Ltd


Candy Land

Cosmo Star Beauty Tools

Dabur Pakistan

Dollar Industries (PVT) Limited.




Fine Daily

Futehally Chemicals (Pvt) Limited


Ghulam Faruque Group

Gorey International

Gourmet Pakistan

Greenway Products

Guard Group


Hilal Care (Pvt.) Ltd.

IBL Operations


Innovative Biscuits (Pvt.) Ltd

Ismail Industries Limited

Jazaa Global (Lemon Tech

Lifestyle International Private Limited

MMS Global

MTEK Hygiene Pvt Ltd

Master Molty Foam

My Vitamin Store

New Nest Distributors (Pvt.) Limited

Nizami Brothers

Nutribel (Pvt) Limited


Omega Creatives

Planet X

SAP Group


Sabiha Anees Trading Enterprises

Santex Products (Pvt.) Limited

Service Industries Limited


Shield Corporation Limited



Teamz International

The Chemist PK

The Whatever Store

TrangoTekPvt Ltd


ZAKI Industrial Corporation

ZIL Limited

Zakaria Groupetc

LSM stands for big giants in the industry while SSM stands for the small sized manufacturing units but both are equally important without which the Pakistan’s economy would not grow, Significance of Industrial construction. It all comes down to the nature of good and the number of professionals needed for each and every constructed project on industrial scale to determine its size.

Power plants in Pakistan:

The generation of energy to power the residential, commercial and industrial sector is why we have power plants significance of Industrial construction. In Pakistan, we have means to produce the power by using the following resources:

Natural gas: 32.3% of total.

Hydroelectric: 24.7% of total.

Furnace oil: 14.3% of total.

Coal: 12.8% of total.

Nuclear: 8.8% of total.

Wind: 4.8% of total.

Solar:1.4% of total.

Bagasse: 0.9% of total.

We are aware how there are various means to produce the power be it thermal, hydro, Nuclear, wind, solar etc.

Nuclear Power Plant:

We have nuclear power plants. A total of 2530 MW of nuclear capacity is installed at present which is comprised on six nuclear power plants:

KANUPP (originally 137 MW, de-rated to 100 MW),

CHASNUPP-1 (325 MW),

CHASNUPP-2 (325 MW),

CHASNUPP-3 (340 MW),


KANUPP-2 (1100 MW).

While (CHASNUPP-5) was under construction and performed on 14th July, 2023 for the first time.

Thermal Power Plant:

We have the following plants for thermal power that are operating:

S/NStationLocationCapacity (MW)Primary Fuel
1TPS JamshoroJamshoroSindh880RFO+Gas
2TPS Guddu (Units 5-10)Guddu, Sindh600Gas
3TPS Guddu (Units 11-13)Guddu, Sindh415Gas
4TPS Guddu (Units 14-16)Guddu, Sindh747Gas
5TPS QuettaQuetta, Balochistan28Gas
6TPS MuzaffargarhMuzaffargarh, Punjab1,350Gas
7GTPS FaisalabadFaisalabad, Punjab144Gas
8TPS NandipurGujranwala, Punjab567Gas
9Lal Pir PowerMehmoodKot, Punjab362RFO
10Pak Gen. PowerMehmoodKot, Punjab365RFO
11FaujiKabirwalaKabirwala, Punjab170Gas
12Habibullah CoastalQuetta, Balochistan155Gas
13Hub PowerHub, Balochistan1,292RFO
15Kohinoor Energy LtdLahorePunjab131RFO
16Rousch PowerSidhnai, Punjab450Gas
17Saba Power Company LtdSheikhupuraPunjab136RFO
18TNB Liberty PowerDaharki, Sindh235Gas
19Uch PowerMurad Jamali, Balochistan586Gas
20Attock Gen.AttockMorgah, Punjab165RFO
21Atlas PowerSheikhupura, Punjab224RFO
22Engro Power Gen. QadirpurQadirpur, Sindh227Gas
23Saif PowerSahiwal, Punjab225Gas
24Orient PowerBalloki, Punjab225Gas
25Nishat PowerQasur, Punjab202RFO
26NishatChunianQasur, Punjab202RFO
27Xenel Sapphire ElectricMuridke, Punjab235Gas
28Halmore PowerBhikki, Punjab225Gas
29Narowal EnergyNarowal, Punjab214RFO
30Liberty Power Tech.Faisalabad, Punjab202RFO
31Foundation PowerDaharki, Sindh179Gas
32Davis Energen.Jhang, Punjab12Gas
33Uch-II PowerMurad Jamali, Balochistan404Low BTU Gas
34Sahiwal Coal Power PlantSahiwal, Punjab1,320Bituminous Coal
35QATPL (Bhikki)Bhikki, Punjab1,180RegasifiedLNG
36NPPMCL (Haveli Bahadur Shah)HBS, Jhang, Punjab1,230Regasified-LNG
37NPPMCL (Balloki)Balloki, Punjab1,223Regasified-LNG
38Port Qasim Electric PowerPort Qasim, Sindh1,320Bituminous Coal
39China Power HubLasbella, Balochistan1,320Bituminous Coal
40EngroPowergen TharTharparkar, Sindh660Lignite (Thar Coal)
41Bin Qasim TPS-IKarachi, Sindh840Dual
42Bin Qasim TPS-IIKarachi, Sindh572Dual
43Bin Qasim TPS-III (Unit-I)Karachi, Sindh471Dual
44Korangi Town GTPS-IIKarachi, Sindh107Gas
45Site GTPS-IIKarachi, Sindh107Gas
46Korangi CCPPKarachi, Sindh248Gas
47Gul AhmedKarachi, Sindh136RFO
48Tapal EnergyKarachi, Sindh126RFO
49SNPCL-I (IPP-2002)Jamshoro, Sindh52Gas
50SNPCL-II (IPP-2002)Jamshoro, Sindh52Gas
51Anoud Power (IGC)Karachi, Sindh12RFO / Gas
52Intl. Steel Limited (CPP)Karachi, Sindh19Gas
53Intl. Ind. Limited (CPP)Karachi, Sindh4Gas
54FFBL PowerKarachi, Sindh52Bituminous Coal /
Lignite (Thar Coal)
55Lotte ChemicalsKarachi, Sindh48Gas
56Lucky CementLakkiMarwat, KPK16Gas
57Lucky Electric Power Co. LtdBin Qasim, Sindh660Bituminous Coal /
Lignite (Thar Coal)
58Punjab Thermal (PTPL)JhangPunjab1,263Regasified-LNG
59Thal Nova Coal Power ProjectTharparkarSindh330Lignite (Thar Coal)
60SSRL Thar coal Mine Mouth Power PlantTharparkarSindh1,320Lignite (Thar Coal)[2]
61HUBCO Thar Coal Power ProjectTharparkarSindh330Lignite (Thar Coal)[3]

While another is under construction which is called: Coal Power Project, Jamshoro. It is the first 660 MW.

Hydro Power Plant:

Pakistan with its Hydro power plant has these following operational units:

S/NStationLocationType of Power StationCapacity (MW)In-Service year
1RenalaRenalaPunjabRun of Canal11925
2Malakand / JabbanMalakandKPKRun of River221935
3RasulMandiBahauddinPunjabRun of Canal221952
4DargaiMalakandKPKRun of Canal201952
5KurramGarhiKurramGarhi, KPKRun of Canal41958
6Chichonki MalianSheikhupuraPunjabRun of Canal131959
7WarsakPeshawarKPKRun of River2431960
8ShadiwalShadiwalWarriach, PunjabRun of Canal141961
9NandipurGujranwalaPunjabRun of Canal141963
10ManglaMirpurAzad KashmirReservoir1,0001967
11ChitralChitral, KPKRun of Canal11975
13ChashmaChashmaPunjabRun of River1842000
14JagranNeelumAzad KashmirHydro302000
15Ghazi-BarothaAttockPunjabRun of River1,4502003
16Malakand-IIIMalakandKPKRun of River/Canal842008
17Khan KhwarShanglaKPKReservoir722010
18PehurSwabiKPKCanal Fall/Run of River182010
19JinnahJinnah BarragePunjabRun of River962012
22GomalZamSouth WaziristanReservoir172013
23New Bong Escape
(Laraib Energy)
MirpurAzad KashmirHydro842013
25Patrind HydroMuzaffarabadAzad KashmirRun of River1472017
26GolenGolChitralKPKRun of River1082018
27Neelum–JhelumMuzaffarabadAzad KashmirRun of River9692018
28Marala Hydro (PPDCL)SialkotPunjabCanal Fall/Run of River82018
29Gulpur Hydropower Plant, BaraliKotliAzad KashmirRun of River1002020
30DaralKhwarSwat DistrictKPKRun of River372021
31RanoliaKohistanKPKHigh Head172021
32KarotAzad Kashmir / PunjabRun of River7202022

While several others are under construction:

S/NStationLocationCapacity (MW)Status
1KeyalKhwarLower Kohistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa72Under construction[7]
2DasuDasu Town4,320Under construction. Stage-I: 2,160 MW to be completed by April 2026.[8]
3Tarbela 5th Ext.TarbelaKPK1,530Under construction. To be completed by 2025.[9][10]
4MohmandMohmand Tribal District, KP800Under construction. To be completed by December 2025.[11]
5DiamerBashaNear Chilas, KP & GB4,500Under construction. To be completed by February 2029.[12]
6KurramTangiNorth Waziristan, KP83Under construction. 61% completed.[13]
7Suki KinariMansehra, KP88490% work completed. To be completed by 2023.[14]
8Mangla Refurbishment ProjectMirpurAzad Kashmir310WAPDA successfully commissioned two refurbished generating units of the Mangla Hydel Power Station on May 23, 2022, increasing their capacity from 200MW to 270MW. Refurbishment of remaining units is under construction. Upon completion, it will enhance generation capacity of existing power stations from 1000MW to 1310MW.[15]

Wind Power plant:

The power plants that uses wind to generate energy in Pakistan are as follows:

Solar power plant:

The operational solar power plants are as follows in Pakistan:

S/NStationLocationCapacity (MW)In-Service Date
1Quaid-e-Azam Solar ParkBahawalpurPunjab1002015
2Appolo Solar DevelopmentBahawalpur, Punjab1002016
3Best Green EnergyBahawalpur, Punjab1002016
4Crest EnergyBahawalpur, Punjab1002016
5AJ Power Pvt. Ltd.Khushab, Punjab122017
6Harappa Solar Pvt. LtdSahiwalPunjab182017
7Oursun PakistanThatta, Sindh502019
8Gharo SolarThatta, Sindh502020
9Zhenfa Pakistan New Energy Company LimitedLayyah, Punjab1002022
S/NStationLocationCapacity (MW)In-service date
1ZorluEnerji Pakistan (Pvt.) LtdThattaSindh562013
2FFC EnergyThattaSindh502013
3Three Gorges First Wind FarmThattaSindh502014
4Foundation Wind Energy – IThattaSindh502015
5Foundation Wind Energy – IIThattaSindh502015
6Sapphire WindThattaSindh532015
7Yunus EnergyThattaSindh502016
8Metro Power CompanyThattaSindh502016
9Gul Ahmad WindThattaSindh502016
10Master Wind EnergyThattaSindh502016
11Tenaga GeneraiThattaSindh502016
12HydroChinaDawood Wind PowerThattaSindh502017
13Sachal Energy DevelopmentThattaSindh502017
14United Energy Pakistan Wind PowerThattaSindh992017
15Artistic Wind PowerThattaSindh502018
16Act Wind (Tapal Wind)ThattaSindh302018
17Hawa EnergyThattaSindh502018
18Jhampir PowerThattaSindh502018
19Three Gorges Second Wind FarmThattaSindh502018
20Three Gorges Third Wind FarmThattaSindh502018
21Tricon Boston Consulting-AThattaSindh502019
22Tricon Boston Consulting-BThattaSindh502019
23Tricon Boston Consulting-CThattaSindh502019
24Zephyr PowerThattaSindh502019
25Din Energy LimitedThattaSindh502022
26Lucky Renewables PVt. Ltd (TRICOM)ThattaSindh502022
27Master Green Energy LtdThattaSindh502022
28Act 2 Din Wind Pvt LtdThattaSindh502022
29Artistic Wind Power Pvt. LtdThattaSindh502022
30Indus Wind Energy LimitedThattaSindh502022
31Lakeside EnergyThattaSindh502022
32Liberty Wind Power-1ThattaSindh502022
33Gul Ahmed Electric LimitedThattaSindh502022
34Liberty Wind Power-II (Pvt.) LtdThattaSindh502022
35NASDA Green Energy (Pvt) LimitedThattaSindh502022
36Metro 2 Wind Power LimitedThattaSindh502022

There are a couple of other solar power plants that are under construction:

S/NStationLocationCapacity (MW)Status
1Meridian Energy (Pvt.) LtdSukkur, Sindh50Under Construction. Expected COD Feb, 2023.
2HNDS Energy (Pvt.) LimitedSukkur, Sindh50
3Helios Power (Pvt.) LimitedSukkur, Sindh50

Biomass Power Plant:

Following are some of the biomass power plant being operated in Pakistan:

S/NStationLocationCapacity (MW)In-Service Date
1Jamal Din Wali-IIRahim Yar Khan, Punjab2612 Jun, 2014
2Jamal Din Wali-IIIRahim Yar Khan, Punjab273 Oct, 2014
3RYK MillsRahim Yar Khan, Punjab4024 Mar, 2015
4Chiniot PowerChiniot, Punjab6328 Nov, 2015
5Fatima EnergyMuzaffargarh, Punjab120
6Hamza Sugar MillsRahim Yar KhanPunjab15Mar, 2017
7The Thal Industries CorporationLayyah, Punjab20
8Almoiz IndustriesMianwali, Punjab36Feb, 2019
9Chanar EnergyFaisalabad, Punjab22Feb, 2019

3: Oil refineries in Pakistan:

There are currently five large oil refineries in Pakistan. These oil refineries are operating mostly on an imported crude oil.

1) Pak-Arab Refinery Limited (PARCO)

2) Attock Refinery Limited (ARL)

3) National Refinery Limited (NRL)

4) Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL)

5) CnergyicoPk Limited (CPL).

Someone the new policies were made in the recent times. The Pakistan Oil Refining Policy 2023 wanted to improve the plants that were already there so that they could make Euro-V fuels that are better for the environment and make less furnace oil significance of Industrial construction.

As a key part of both energy security and economic growth, the refining industry is the spine of the country. Pakistan’s need for oil goods and petrochemicals has been growing, and it will likely grow even more in the years to come, Significance of Industrial construction.

However, many challenges are still ahead for the Pakistan to be faced in order to grow as a country.

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The industrial sector in Pakistan is having a hard time because of a lack of skilled workers, an energy problem, corrupt officials, and unstable politics.

Government’s Role:

As a way to encourage and help businesses, the government of Pakistan offers tax breaks, low-interest loans, and safety for investments. Also, the government wants people from other countries to invest in the country.

New Industries:

Show in Picture Small Earth

Information technology, renewable energy, e-commerce, and tourism are some of the country’s new businesses. These areas have a lot of room to grow and make a big difference in the national income in the future, Significance of Industrial construction.

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