Know your construction materials: What Cement is and how much is cement price today


Cement price today: Cement is a binder that is used to bind structures together. It is seldom used on its own. Mixed with gravel or sand, Cement is used for its adhesive properties to provide that “glue” factor to assemble what needs to be. It’s a fine grey powder made of calcined limestone and clay. 

NoCompaniesPrice/50kg Bag
1DG Khan CementRS. 1,244/1,255

2Fauji CementRS. 1,220/1,235

3Power cementRS. 1,225/1,235
4Best Way CementRS. 1,225/1,240
5Pakcem CementRS. 1,250/1,265

6Lucky CementRS. 1,230/1,234
7Kohat CementRS. 1,215/1,230

8Cherat CementRS. 1,225/1,230

9Maple Leaf CementRS. 1,245/1,250

10Askari CementRS. 1,225/1,230

11Pioneer CementRS. 1,230/1,240

12Paidar CementRS. 1,225/1,235
13Falcon CementRS. 1,225/1,235

14Flaying PakistanRS. 1,210/1,220


Two categories of cement are widely used in Pakistan’s construction industry.

One is Hydraulic Cement
Another is Non-Hydraulic Cement

Hydraulic cement:

Cement Price Today

It is a substance that may get stronger anywhere, including underwater [cement price today]. The best thing about hydraulic Cement is that it loses its solubility in water once it fully dries. Not only that, but it solidifies without air. Hydraulic Cement is also known as Portland cement. 

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It further has the following types:

· Blast Furnace Cement

· Portland and Fly Ash Cement

· Portland Pozzolana Cement

· Portland Silica Fume Cement

· Masonry Cement

· Expansive Cement

· White Cement

Non- Hydraulic cement:

Cement Price Today

As the name implies, minerals with liquid qualities, like gypsum, lime, and oxychloride, are used to make non-hydraulic cement [cement price today]. It cannot solidify in the presence of water, in contrast to hydraulic cement. It was the primary type of cement to be used in the past.

It further has the following types:

· Pozzolan-Lime Cement

· Slag-Lime Cement

· Calcium Aluminate Cement

· Natural Cements


With the Cement, the construction is as complete today as possible. It is one of the primary materials to be used. Structures important for the progress and convenience of entire civilizations include Bridges, Roads, Dams, Houses, Multi-story complexes, Apartments, Water tanks, etc.

Cement concretes lay roofs, floors, slabs, beams, foundations, staircases, and basements. [cement price today]

It is also used to renovate structures or repair the damage. Cement is also an essential binder for joining concrete pipes together and for the construction of drainage sewers. It also provides fishing on specific floors, such as swimming pools. 

At times, it is also used for decorative purposes such as benches in the park, fencing posts, etc. Also, to manufacture precast elements such as PCC and RCC. 


The price lodgement is one of the hot trends in Pakistan. The prices of construction materials vary, and flu fluctuates daily because of many other factors involved. 

It is an essential piece of information for someone thinking about getting their home built. Not just that, some commercial projects are also significant and need to keep up with the price factor daily to a lot of the budget for construction material. 

Following is the rate list for the cement that Cement used in Pakistan, along with its company name and price list:

Factors affecting the prices

Several factors can increase or decrease a cement’s price. Still, we will keep it relevant and discuss some of the main ones that should be considered before the consumer makes significant decisions regarding their future construction plans. 

1. Affordability:

It does come down to the fact that money buys you everything. Therefore, the lack of it causes individuals to reprioritize their plans based on their budget and affordability. 

Many of us wish to have our own homes, but if, upon calculation, the desired result is something you cannot afford, then it has no bearing on the cement rate. However, the cement price sure has a direct effect on your affordability.

2. Inflation rate

Suppose the inflation in the country has risen, and the cost of construction materials has also increased. In that case, it will affect the cement rate and the rates for other materials used in the Pakistani construction industry. 

The rise in the price would cause the budget to be re-evaluated, which may or may not be out of an individual’s affordability. 

3. Economic conditions:

The country’s economy is the most important thing. People will want to invest in a country because of its economic stability. This will make the construction industry in the market grow by leaps and bounds. 

People in a country can invest in real estate if it has a high GDP, stable finances, job security, and a lot of money to spend. At the same time, the lack of economic stability will hinder that progress. It has much to do with how well a country’s business does.

Many people will only invest in real estate projects when the economy is good, even if you advertise them a lot. Growth of any sector is based on an economy that is strong and in good shape.

4. Supply and Demand:

A straightforward law in which price changes for a resource, sound, or service affect supply and demand. A rise in cement price might cause supply to rise while demand would fall if it’s out of someone’s budget. 

On the other hand, when the cement price goes down, supply might reduce, and demand could rise because it might fall into someone’s affordability at the given time due to something that wasn’t before.

4. Government Policies

Government policies are rules and principles that tell businesses how to make excellent and fruitful decisions for the community. There is a strong link between the real estate market and the general health of a country’s economy. 

Changes in laws, tax rates, subsidies, incentives, or any other policies could hinder or promote growth and demand accordingly. It could encourage people to invest in properties. 

Any policies or regulations influence the price of Cement and cement materials according to a country’s stability and instability. 

5. Political Stability:

Political safety significantly affects how confident individuals are about spending their money. A stable investment atmosphere at home and worldwide is better for business.

On the other hand, political unrest and worries about safety may make people less likely to spend, which is terrible for the market. For this reason, keeping the government stable is extremely important for the construction industry to keep growing steadily.

Cement quantity to be used in construction:

The amount of Cement use Cement forced concrete is figured out by the mix design, which looks at things like:

How strong does the concrete need to be?
How easy is it to work with?
The size and shape of the concrete sections.
Covered area
Structural design
The Finishing one wants for their project.
The company you have selected for buying the cement for cement's quality, etc

For residential, it depends on one’s project size. That could be three marlas, five marlas, eight marlas, ten marlas, one kanal, either with the first and ground floor or with or without the basement, etc. 


A skill is the specific ability to do a job. Competence, on the other hand, means that a person knows how to do the task correctly. Knowledge, experience, attitude, personality, and physical skills are also parts of competence.

It’s hard to define and set the criteria for ” competency ” as it’s subjective. For starters, you need to compare the training someone has had with the jobs they will be doing or have done with their knowledge and skills. In other words, their experience in the field. 

For that, you can conduct market research, shortlist the names of the companies from which you wish to get quotations for your construction project, and visit them. 

But ensure that the team you hire is competent and uses your resources effectively. Be it just the Cement or Cementise. 

Always go for a professional. Lucky for you, we happen to be one! 

Our Services:

Highland Properties and Constructions has a track record of giving excellent and unmatched results in terms of construction projects for more than the past decade.

Our vision is about transparency, value generation, and exceeding our customer’s expectations in every manner that matters. 

In addition to that, once we have someone on board, we are a team for them and have their back. Our cooperation and understanding go a long way with our clients. For more details, you can go through our portfolio. Also, here’s a link to what our clients say about us in the long run!


[cement price today] This blog has discussed the importance and types of Cement and Cement’s role in construction. What are some of the factors that may influence the Cement rate? Some of the cement rates today are in Pakistan and the cement companies. Lastly, we have discussed how a competent construction company could deliver the best possible results, and Highland Properties and Constructions is one of those companies. 

Cement Price Today-FAQ‘s:

Q: What is the Cement price today in Pakistan?

A: Various companies have various cement prices. You may consult the chart here to compare the prices.

Q: What are the main ways that Cement is used?

A: Cement is mainly used to hold things together in concrete, mortar, and clay. It is essential to make infrastructure projects, among other construction projects.

Q: How much Cement is to be used for my project size?

A: Yes. We could tell you in formal and written agreement about all the details relevant to your construction project and other things. 

Q: Would my allocated budget be affected by the cement prices? 

A: Yes, in case of any changes in the material cost, the budget will either have to be adjusted or not. Depending upon one’s affordability, lifestyle, and requirements. 

Q: Would you communicate in case of any changes?

A: Yes, we always communicate and inform the client before making any changes or any adjustments to be made, but that is highly unlikely to occur as we stick to our contract wholly. 

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