Know your construction materials: what is Brick and how much is Brick price today in Pakistan


Brick price today in Pakistan: Brick is one of the most important thing that is needed for any building project. These parts go into making the framework of a house or any other building. These are flexible in nature. Bricks can be recycled and adjusted with the passage of time, if required.

Brickwork is an important part of construction because it makes buildings strong, long-lasting, and attractive. Strong, fire-resistant, and insulating, bricks are a popular choice for making all kinds of structures.

Today Brick Price in Pakistan:

NoBrick NameBrick Price (PKR)1K Bricks Price (PKR)
1Burnt clay bricks11 to 1411,000 to 14,000
2Sand lime bricks11 to 1411,000 to 14,000
3Clay bricks1414,000
4Common bricks11 to 1411,000 to 14,000
5First class bricks1717,000
6Fire bricks/Awwal brick/Awwal tile bricks/B-grade14 to 1714,000 to 17,000
7Facing bricks11 to 1411,000 to 14,000
8Sun dried bricks or unburnt bricks11 to 1411,000 to 14,000
9Clinker bricks11 to 1411,000 to 14,000
10Bullnose bricks
11Brick veneers837 to 2,234 per square foot
12Concrete1265 to 1270
13Calcium silicate bricks11 to 1411,000 to 14,000
14Acidic bricks
15Ganister Bricks

Types of Bricks:

Brick Price Today in Pakistan

There are various types of bricks that can be found all around the work and being used in construction project as per requirement, accordingly. Some of them are as follows:

Burnt clay bricks
Sand lime bricks
Clay bricks
Common bricks
First class bricks
Fire bricks
Facing bricks
Sun dried bricks or unburnt bricks
Clinker bricks
Bullnose bricks
Brick veneers
Calcium silicate bricks
Acidic bricks
Bricks size
Ganister Bricks

Bricks in Pakistan:

Most of the bricks you can find in Pakistan are as follows:

Burnt Clay Bricks
Engineering Bricks
Concrete Bricks
Fly Ash Clay Bricks
Sand Lime Bricks (Calcium Silicate Bricks)

Burnt Clay Bricks:

Burned clay brick is one of the oldest building elements that can be found in many of the world’s oldest buildings even today.


First, wet clay is pressed into shapes to make the traditional burnt clay bricks. The bricks are then dried only to be later on fired in kilns. These bricks look like solid blocks of dried clay that are usually red in color.


The best clay is used to make them. It is fired at very high temperature to make them strong and dense [Brick price today in Pakistan]. Such bricks are immune to chemicals and water. This kind of brick is often used in places where big loads are likely to fall on them or where water resistance is much needed.

The huge benefit of fired clay bricks is that they help lower thermal conductivity, which means less heat loss through the walls. Brick houses are also cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Burned clay bricks need to be plastered or rendered with mortar before they can be used in walls. Burnt clay bricks can be used to build walls, supports and columns.

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There are four main groups that burned clay bricks are sold in. Burnt-clay bricks that are first-class are the best because they are strong and of the highest quality. These burnt clay bricks are of a higher grade and cost more than bricks of a lower grade.

Engineering Bricks:

They were first used in making roads and bridges. Engineering bricks work best where strength and resistance to water and frost are important. These are used for groundwork, manholes, drains, retaining walls and damp proof courses.


There are six main steps in the production of Engineering brick process that initiates from getting raw materials and storing them[Brick price today in Pakistan]. Then getting the same raw materials ready and shaping the bricks. Drying it off firing and cooling and then taking finished goods off the racks for storage.


Bricks made of traditional clay don’t work well when they get wet often. These aren’t good for some heavy-duty jobs either. That’s where engineering bricks can help. Good materials, like thick clay and concrete, are used to make these bricks [Brick price today in Pakistan]. These bricks are designed to fit certain structure needs and make them resistant to things like weathering, frost and erosion.

Most of the time, engineered bricks are stronger and last longer than regular bricks. The way these bricks are made, makes it possible to precisely control their sizes and shapes. This accuracy is especially helpful for building jobs where exact measurements are important.

There are some engineered bricks that have extra features built in, like insulation or interlocking systems, that make them useful for more than just building structures.


Sometimes, engineered bricks are cheaper than regular bricks. This is especially true when you consider things like shipping costs, since they are usually lighter and take up less room.

Concrete Bricks:

A lot of different building projects use concrete bricks. These bricks are used in Pakistan because of how very strong these are. When it comes to how long they last, burnt clay bricks are better than concrete bricks. These bricks are made from solid concrete, as the name suggests. [Brick price today in Pakistan].


Concrete bricks are made by mixing water, cement, sand, aggregates (like gravel or crushed stone) and pebbles. Pouring the liquid into molds, letting it harden and then taking it out as solid, square bricks.


Bricks are more difficult to cut and can cost up to 20% more than blocks. When bricks aren’t all the same shape, it can make fitting harder, which can raise the cost of labor. From a cost standpoint, concrete is the clear winner.


They are also often used to make fences and walls. In addition to making the buildings strong, they also make them look good. Different colors are added to the bricks while they are being made.

Concrete bricks can be used to build buildings that go underground.

Fly-Ash Brick:

These types of bricks are used by combining the ash of coal with the clay. Fly ash is a waste product from industry that is made when coal is burned at around 1000 degrees Celsius.


These bricks are made by mixing fly ash, which is a waste of burning coal, with clay. After that, the dough is shaped into bricks and left to dry.


It costs less and is lighter than fly ash brick.


Large amounts of calcium oxide are found in fly ash bricks, which is why these bricks can stick together on their own. They have some good points, such as being light. In building, fly ash bricks are used to build walls, foundations, and pillars.

On the other hand, when these bricks get wet, they swell up quickly, which is not a good thing because it can weaken the structure.

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Sand-Lime Bricks:

Sand-lime bricks, which are also called calcium silicate bricks, are building materials that are made by mixing sand, lime, and water.


A mix of sand and wet lime is the main ingredient [Brick price today in Pakistan]. It is then pressed into molds and left to dry. During the curing process, steam or an autoclave is used to strengthen the mixture by reacting the calcium oxide in the lime with the silica in the sand.


Sand lime bricks have various sizes and its cost is in accordance with that.


People know that sand-lime bricks are strong, last a long time, and don’t break down easily. Because they have good mechanical and thermal properties, they are often used in building for load-bearing walls and other structural uses.

Classification of Bricks (based on their chemical properties):

Bricks are further classified into various categories as per their physical properties and mechanical properties.

There are four classes bricks can be divided in.

First-Class Brick
Second-Class Brick
Third-Class Brick
Fourth-Class Brick

First-Class Brick:

It is the right sized. This brick is a solid yellow or red color. It’s evenly burned, has a smooth feel and a straight shape. It can only soak up less than 10% of its weight in water, and its breaking strength is 280 kg/cm2 on average and 245 kg/cm2 at its weakest [Brick price today in Pakistan]. It doesn’t include efflorescence. It makes a metallic sound when hit with a hammer or another brick that looks like it.

Quality Check:

It’s hard enough to keep your fingernail from making any marks on the brick surface with a thumbnail.

It does not have any rocks, gravel or organic stuff in it. It is usually used to make coarse rocks for concrete and to make buildings that will last a long time, say 100 years, in environments that are corrosive.

Second-Class Brick:

Brick Price Today in Pakistan

Its color is always yellow or red and the size is always the same. It’s burned to the point which is considered fine. This class of bricks has a regular form and the efflorescence is not noticeable.

Its absorption capacity is more than 10% but less than 15%. The minimum crushing strength is 154 kg/cm2 and the maximum crushingis 175 kg/cm2.

Quality Check:

It makes a metallic sound when hit with a hammer or another brick that looks like it. It’s hard enough to keep your fingernail from making any marks on the brick surface with a thumbnail.

This material is used to build one-story houses and temporary sheds that won’t last more than 15 years.

Third-Class Brick:

These bricks have different forms and sizes. These are soft and has a light shade of red. It is either over burnt but mostly under burnt. A lot of efflorescence is present.

 The texture has no uniformity. It can absorb more than 15% but not more than 20%. It has a mean crushing strength of 140 kg/cm2 and a low crushing strength of 105 kg/cm2.

Quality Check:

When hit by a hammer or another brick of the same type, it makes a dull sound. it leaves a fingernail impression when tested.

Fourth-Class Brick:

Brick Price Today in Pakistan

It is common to use these bricks as additives in concrete. The bricks are over burnt and too easy to break. These are brittle in nature and has no uniformity.

Quality check:

These type of bricks have an extremely poor quality, weak, no strength and should not be used for building.

Price of Brick:

Top companies in Pakistan to buy the bricks from:

These are some of the companies that provide bricks in Pakistan in quality.

Bricks & Bricks
Butt brothers Bricks Co.
Pak Face Bricks
Butt Bricks Co.
Rizwan Traders
Waqar Ceramics (Pvt) Ltd
Ali Ceramics industries
Al duha Traders & Suppliers etc.


Bricks are the essential building materials without which we would not have our desired spaces. Its uses are several [Brick price today in Pakistan]. From construction to paving walls to renovations to recycling to retaining walls to landscaping to foundations etc bricks are used.

For residential, it depends on one’s project size that could be 3 marla, 5 marla, 8 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal, either with first and ground floor or with or without the basement etc.


A skill is the specific ability to do a job. Competence, on the other hand, means that a person knows how to do the task correctly.Knowledge, experience, attitude, personality, and physical skills are also parts of competence.

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For that, you can conduct a market research, short list the names of the companies you wish to get your quotations from for your construction project and visit them.

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In this blog we have discussed about what are bricks, how many of its types are out there and what types are being used in Pakistan along with advantages and cost effective options that are available. [Brick price today in Pakistan]

Brick price today in Pakistan-FAQ’s:

Q1: Which class of brick do you use?

A: Awal Brick

Q2: Do you use Fly-ash bricks as well?

A: We neither use it in any of our projects nor do we recommend it to be used because it’s not a lasting option.

Q3: How much is one brick cost?

A: One brick cost 11 to17 Pkr.

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